Saturday, August 28, 2010

So you know that club in Times Square I was working at? Well not too long ago I just walked out, literally just packed up my shit, changed into my normal clothes, and walked right out the door. Without even paying my house fee....teeheehee I'm such a badass. Not really, but that place was ridiculous.
I was getting ready for work at the beginning of the night, contemplating whether to come in or not. Then I checked online and saw that the biker bar only had auditions Monday thru Thursday, which settled it. Might as well go to work. So I get there, and the house mom, who is this HUGE bitch, tried to tell me my dress was innapropriate because it looked too much like lingerie. OK, first of all, you told me to buy a long GOWN. Sure the dress was a little lingerie-esque, but it's a strip club for cyring out loud, not a ballroom! Second of all, I worked in that dress all last weekend and no one said anything. Truth be told, I think she trying to get me to "rent" one of her gowns for twenty bucks a pop. Well, I wasn't doing that, so she told me I'd have to buy a new one anyway. Hmmm lemme think about that. NO! How can I buy a new anything with the outrageous house fees.
Plus, this is the same mom, the first night I worked, who made me buy a TWENTYFIVE dollar g-string b/c mine didn't 'cover up enough'. I hate this woman. So the night was not off to a good start, and it only got worse. Not a lot of dances, no rooms, you know. By 1, I had made $120 which wasn't enough to cover my house fee, which I hadn't paid at the beginning of the night (and of course, the house mom yelled at me for that as well.) To be fair, I don't think anyone was having a good night, and I know I was doing better than at least some of the girls, but I didn't care. I honestly was just so pissed with the house mom trying to hustle me because of her stupid made up rules (What is she, the strip club fashion police? Btw, this woman wears a fanny pack and is telling me what to wear!) So I went down to the dressing room and put on my clothes. The one girl, this drunk Hispanic chick, kept asking me where I was going, but I kept telling her to be quiet. See, you're not supposed to leave early without permission and defintely not before tipping out, but that was part of the satisfaction for me. I got to keep all the money I made!! Wow, I know, what a novel idea. But it felt good, like a nice little "fuck you" to that place.
So anyways, I changed and snuck out. No one even noticed me leave, not even the house mom. I walked right past her; she was reading a book! And I think the bouncers thought I had gotten permission. And once I was on the sidewalk, it was SUCH a good feeling. Free at last, free at last! It really felt SO good to be out of there.
So I went to sleep for a couple hours and kept having these nightmares about the guido managers hunting me down and banging on my door, demanding their house fee. Or that I was in the club and kept trying to run away but the bouncers kept carrying me back in. LOL
The new plan is to audition at the biker bar until I can get a nice waitressing job. I really don't think dancing is for me, especially in these ridiculous NY clubs. The only place I would dance is my old club in NOLA ( or maybe the biker bar b/c it seems cool and laid-back).

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