Thursday, October 14, 2010

As a stripper, you have to be very conscious of the way you smell. This means not only deoderant, but perfume and baby wipes for your vag. Dressing rooms in strip clubs are full of strippers liberally spritzing Victoria's Secret over themselves. Especially because a stripper's job is very physical (being on stage, giving lap dances) you tend to sweat a lot and always need to reapply. I've definitely smelled strippers before that haven't been as concious of their BO as they should have been, and I've also heard guys complain about raunchy smelling strippers.
For me, the main concern is IBBS (In Between Boob Sweat). Because I have such big boobs, they tend to sweat a lot and therefore smell funky. So I'm always applying to deoderant all over my boobs and then spraying perfume on them. I'm actually super paranoid about IBBS b/c I know they smell when I don't put on deoderant, and because I'm shoving my tits in guy's faces all night, especially in lap dances, I don't want to offend them with a foul odor from my breasts.
My first two lap dances the other night I was shoving my tits in the guy's faces, as per usual, and they kept turning away. This freaked me out, b/c I thought maybe my boobs smelled, even though I had applied my nightly deoderant/perfume. So I asked one of the other girls to smell my tits for me, and she said they smelled fine. "Maybe he just doesn't like boobs?" she suggested. I said "Maybe, I mean they are pretty big and maybe he felt like he was being suffocated..."

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