Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Right, so after a whole day of worrying and wondering and analyzing over whether I am doing the "right" thing, I go down to the drugstore by my house. I buy condoms and Diet Mt. Dew. I think, "Maybe I should buy some lube," but then I decide not to because I go to this drugstore all the time, and I am embarrassed (I am actually quite introverted). So I go back to my apartment. I make myself a very strong drink consisting of Diet Mt. Dew and vodka and proceed to get dressed. I use wipes on my vag, spray on perfume, etc. The only thing I don't do is put on a ton of makeup, maybe b/c I am too nervous. Finally, I get up the courage to call Jerry the Pimp, once I have a good buzz going.
He asks me when I am available until, and I tell him midnight. He doesn't seem happy about this but acquiesces. He then proceeds to tell me he gets around 3 or 4 calls a night. I try not to shriek. THREE OR FOUR CALLS??? That's nothing! So, basically there is no guarantee I will be called on tonight. Ugh. I did not know this; I thought once I told Pimp Jerry I was available I would automatically receive a call/order/whatever it is.
So, now I am dressed up, made up, and liquored up with nowhere to go. I proceeded to email about 3 different agencies with my picture and info, because I have read that escorts can work for many different agencies at once, and now I see why. The last agency I contacted was by phone, because they have a number on their site. An older woman's voice answered and she called me sweetie and told me to call after 9 am tomorrow. I like that she calls me sweetie and that she is a woman. Maybe this is the kind hearted, wise madam I have been anticipating.
See, I was half dreading being called to work tonight, but I kind of pumped myself up for it. And now all that anticipation and prep will most likely come to naught. I mean, if I'm going to take the time and nerves to get ready, I might as well be getting paid for it! In the meantime, I shall be lolling about in bed awaiting a call which may or may not come.
PS. My class went well; everyone seems very smart/serious, but I guess that's how it is in grad school. Also, the only black person there was the instructor haha (I was nervous I wld be the only white person, clearly my worries were unfounded).

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