Sunday, September 12, 2010

Right well, last night was interesting, I guess. So Tom called me and asked if I was coming and I told him I was, even though if he hadn't called I probably wouldn't have gone b/c I was v. nervous. Honestly, I almost started crying on the way to the place. Like I honeslty thought I would be with a customer and just burst into tears. Anyways, once I got the place he told me to go, I called him and he told me the apartment. So I go into the building and it's just him, so of course I am thinking he's going to rape me or sell me to be a sex slave in the Middle East or whatever (I have an overactive imagination, I'm always thinking of the most awful scenario.) He told me the other girl didn't show up so it was gonna be just me. And then he kind of got into more details about what exactly was gonna happen. He said that he had ads in the back of the Voice and on which I had never heard of, but it's this site that's like Craigslist except they allow the sexual stuff (remember Craigslist banned that). So people call on the cellphone and I answer it and tell them the first location. Once they are at the first location, I tell them the apartment. This is when Tom leaves. It was funny; it asked him if he was gonna be there when the customer shows up and he laughed and was like "Um no that would spoil the mood if I was in here watching the whole time." Then once they are at the apartment, they have to call AGAIN so I can buzz them up. So once they get up, I have to ask them to take off their coat, and if they don't or are weird about it, that's a sign that something is up. So once they take off their coat, I ask if they want a half hour or an hour and then they give me the money. Then I call Tom and tell him that it's good and then we begin. Somtimes they have a phone girl that the calls get forwarded to but a lot of times I'm the one answering. So after that, I went into the bathroom to change into an outfit so he could take pics fr the ads. I really hate taking pictures, esp. ones that are supposed to be "sexy" because I feel like a retard. So then after that was finished, he asked if I wanted something to drink and we went to the liquor store to buy some vodka, and we talked along the way and I know it sounds weird b/c he's a pimp (even though I don't think of him that way, but really that's what he is when you get down to it) but he's actually very easy to talk to, well-spoken etc. So after we got some vodka we came back upstairs and he went to edit the pics and post them online. Then we kind of just sat around and drank and watched some stupid movie with Christina Ricci and talked. Yes, I know this is sounding funny, hanging out with your pimp and watching movies. Anyways, the first guy called and I went through the whole schpiel and had my first client.
But here's the problem. We had a phone girl for the first hour, which meant that I didn't have to answer the phone, but then her kid got sick or something and I was the one answering the phone, which is apparently how it is most of the time. First of all, I am sooo new to this, and I didn't really know the address the first couple of times or what to say. Like I would pause before telling him where to go or sound uncertain, which I would think can turn a guy off. Then, sometimes you get guys asking questions that I don't know the answer to. Like, can I do some blow at your place? Or they'll ask things about "showers" which is apparently a golden shower, where you pee on someone (don't ask, idk why anyone would want to be peed on, but apparently it's quite popular.) So I never know what to say to those guys and that doesn't sound very appealing when I'm unsure or keep pausing to ask Tom a question. Then what happened is I was with a guy and I got three different calls when I was with him. Obviously I can't answer thephone when I'm with someone and the by the time the guy leaves, the people that have called me will have already moved on to someone that is available. So I only had two guys last night, two half hours. And a lot of guys did call, but I'm not very good with the phone, so I think that's a big part of why I didn't do that well.
I have a lot more to say on all this, but I'm tired now and have to read for class. One thing I would like to say is that I think a lot of people (myself included) have this idea that escorting is glamorous and you get to go on dates with hot, wealthy guys and dress up and get expensive presents and whatnot. I mean, has anyone seen The Girlfriend Experience? But to get to that sector of the business you really have to build up your game. A lot of girls really are just working for guys like Tom or posting their ads in the back of the newspapers. And there are a lot of independents, or what Tom calls "weekend warriors" which is like girls working in retail that just decide to post ads for a little extra money on the side. It's really just prostituton by another name. I'm not sugarcoating this at all or trying to give anyone a false idea.
But like I said, I think that there is defintely potential to make a shit ton of money and move up in this industry and become one of those "high class escorts' but it's not something that's easy, like a lot of girls think. Again, I know I'm repeating myself, but a lot of "agencies" are really just one guy, like Tom, and they post ads to make you think you'll be glamorously acccompanying some rich dude to dinner when really you're just having sex in an apartment. Or like I thought some really high class agency would hire me right off the bat. No. I don't think it usually happens like that. And a lot of the girls advertising on backpage are quite attractive. It's a lot of competition.
Anyways, I told Tom I would work Monday night again. Also, this one agency that actually seems pretty legit emailed me and I am supposed to have a phone interview with them tomorrow. They also only charge 230/hr., but half hours aren't an option, like they are with Tom. Also, they have an actual website, which Tom doesn't, and they do outcalls as well and they have drivers. So that seems more promising. Plus they have girls that answer the phones for you. So if I get hired, which I'm assuming I will because they said they like my pics, then I will start working for them.
I think one of the major things holding me back from charging higher prices is my weight. I am definetely not fat or even chubby, and a lot of guys love my body, but I do have thighs and my belly could use some toning. A lot of the premium agencies only hire super skinny girls or girls that really have banging bodies. I gained weight living in NOLA, but if I lose around ten lbs. I would be back to having a really good body and could start charging more.

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