Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Quick update. I worked Monday night and made $250, and it was dead=yay! The next night I work is Friday, and the manager gave me a schedule for the month of October (remember I said they have to fit me in whereever until November when they make the new schedule). I'm pretty sure I work 9 days in October, which is fine b/c I'm feeling like 12 days (3 days a week) per month is gonna be my limit b/c of school, etc. I gave two guys lapdances. The first one was really cool; he was Dutch and I hung out with him for awhile and genuinely enjoyed talking to him, which is rare. He tipped me $20 on top of the two dances he bought and bought me a mini champagne (remember I get $10 off of each champagne I sell).
Then I danced for another guy, twice, who kept asking me if I was coming when I was dancing or if I had already came. I mean, sorry but I don't really get off on thrusting my hips against fat old guys, but he seemed to get SUPER into it and excited about the idea of me coming, so I lied and told him I came. At first, though, I told him I could only come using a vibrator (lol I'm really honest), but he seemed to really want me to tell him I had come. I left work drunk and happy Monday night and didn't get home 'till super late b/c the train I was supposed to go home on was broken or something so I had to take the bus to the next stop, etc. Whatever I was exhausted. Oh! And my manager, the one that hired me, keeps giving me $10 every time I work "for good luck." Except he doesn't do this to any of the other dancers, so I'm thinking he's definetely not just being nice. Which is whatever except I don't want to start seeing anyone right now, especially someone from work. It would be nice perhaps to find someone in one of my classes, but I don't know if I would have time for that.
So work is going well. And today I had a presentation in one of my classes and KILLED it. I was sooo happy b/c I was the first person to present (the other students present throughout the term), and the book I was discussing was pretty dense and difficult to get through. So my prof, whom I really like, I actually think she's my favorite teacher, complimented me in front of the whole class. She said I did a really good job and said she gave me credit for the way I tackled the book, etc. I was very happy (especially because I had to ask to be in the class as I'm the only non English degree in the class, so I felt like I had something to prove and I proved it). Doing well on that presentation was probably the highlight of my week thus far. I am feeling very pleased about that, and tomorrow I am meeting one of my classmates for a drink after my night class.
So all in all I am doing well, just extremely busy with the amount of reading to get through; it's really never ending. 

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