Saturday, September 11, 2010

Right so. I found another agency. Truthfully, I don't feel too great about this whole business, but I figure I have to pay the rent and it is hard to find jobs in NYC. Moreover, if I did manager to snag a job, I would be working my ass off and still barely afford rent. Aaahh the travails of a grad student in NYC.
I am going to be perfectly honest right now: I have not had sex with more than 3 ppl (2 if you only count guys) and only one of those was for a prolonged period of time, the first guy was one time. I am very naive when it comes to sex, so maybe this is not the right line of work for me. But I should at least try, right? I just hope I don't hate myself in a year or get depressed or something. Or get a cocaine addiction.
Anyways, it appears that being an escort is a highly sought after job in NYC; I emailed SO many agencies with my info and stats and only a couple called me back and those weren't even the really high class ones. And I am not ugly! I mean I'm not Giselle, but I would consider myself fairly attractive, well-educated, etc. So I thought it would be easy. I mean, how many girls want to be whores anyway? Well, I guess a lot. Like everything else in NYC, escorting is super competitive.
So the one guy emails me back right after I sent in my info and tells me where to meet him and when I am there I should call him. I am a little wary of this because it seems weird to just hang out somewhere and call some guy so he can meet you. I mean, what if never shows or try to drag me into a warehouse or something? So I take a cab and call him and comes over in a couple minutes. The guy (let's call him Tom) is black, fairly light skinned, bald, 30s, little chubby, and dressed in  light blue botton down dress shirt and jeans. So we sit down to get sushi and he starts talking. He is very well-mannered and well-spoken. He asks me if I have done this before, I say no. He tells me that a lot of people think it's easy work, but not everyone can do it, so I nod and tell him I'm just trying it out.
So we talk and I ask questions. This is what it amounts to: It's an incall agency, where the guys come to you. In an apartment building, so there's only one client at a time (the building is in a nice area, not ghetto or anything). There's only a couple girls at a time working (tonight, just two, me and someone else). He told me this was so the girls can make money, which makes sense. If there's too many girls, no one makes money. The split was 50/50; a half hour is 160 and 225 for an hour. This actually seems pretty cheap to me from what I've heard in NYC, so I am feeling like I am a little on the low end. But then, I am begining to get the impression that to charge extragavant amounts of money or work for a really upscale agency, you have to either be experienced or a model, something like that. Or you have to know people and get references. He says he will call me at 10 tonight so we can go the building and this other girl is supposed to be there. So we'll take pictures and then I can get to work.
Then we talked some more; he told me he started his first agency 14 years ago, then went into the corporate world. Two years ago, he lost his job when the economy tanked and he went back to running escort agencies. He said he gets a lot of requests from girl that want to work b/c they lost their jobs or whatever. Like I said, I never knew how big of a thing this was in NYC or how many girls there were out there doing this. Honestly, it seems like a lot.
So now I'm waiting for his call and trying to read History of Sexuality for my Genderr Studies class which isn't going too well b/c I don't understand any of it and I am wondering if I am supposed to It's making me feel really stupid.

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